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  • Discover boiled egg without shell

    Atout Ovipac The authentic taste of boiled egg

    Atout Ovipac Without preservatives, flavor preserved

    Atout Ovipac Yellow flowing guaranteed

    Atout Ovipac Packaging adapted to different
    modes of reheating

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  • Poached eggs fresh Gourmets

    packaged in trays

    Atout Ovipac A greedy product

    Atout Ovipac A traditional aspect

    Atout Ovipac To be consumed hot or cold

    Atout Ovipac Without brine

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  • Ovoteam guarantees the origin France

    Ovoteam, partner of commercial and institutional catering, now display the logos Laid in France (« Pondus en France ») and Eggs Laid in France (« Œufs pondus en France ») on all of its shell eggs' packaging and egg products (except hard eggs).

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  • Discover « Le Blanc et Le Jaune des Chefs »

    packed in 400g's doypacks

    Atout Ovipac A format suitable for your applications:
    « Le Blanc des Chefs » (White): 12 egg whites about
    « Le Jaune des Chefs » (Yellow): 24 egg yolks about

    Atout OvipacA tamperproof ring
    and a plug easy to close

    Atout Ovipac Easy storage

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