Our commitments

From ethics to action

Our supply chain

Because eating well first involves the health and nutrition of the animals, at Ovoteam, a subsidiary of Avril group, we are committed to respecting nature and all its living beings, without leaving anything to chance. Completely integrated into its ecosystem, Ovoteam has made some real commitments to being a player that makes a difference.

  • Animal nutrition: Avril Group is the French leader in animal nutrition.
  • Breeding: The supply chain includes 400 farmers, with a livestock population 8 million laying hens in France
  • Selection: The eggs destined for transformation by Ovoteam are sorted according to very rigorous criteria, an essential quality guarantee

From henhouse to plate

We select our farms and the appropriate eggs meeting the specifications of each of our products. From the selection of the chick to laying, with rigorously controlled diet of the laying hens in between, to production and delivery of the finished product, we ensure optimal food safety.

Eggs from our regions in France

Over 96% of the egg processed annually by Ovoteam essentially come from our 400 partner farmers, located throughout France. In other words, there is bound to be a partner farmer near you!

Animal welfare, at the heart of our actions

We are committed to constantly improving 3 key pillars: animal health, their habitat, and respect for their integrity.


Our approach is based on 200 inspection points divided into 5 chapters: design, bio-safety, upkeep, farm operations, and documentation.


We are working hard to establish tree-lined paths throughout the national territory.


We have entered into a partnership agreement with the NGO CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) in order to be supported in our global animal welfare approach, and to anticipate the priorities of tomorrow.

An ever more responsible approach

Our transport fleet is powered by Oleo 100, a 100% French biofuel, renewable and traceable, developed by our group using colza. Our industrial sites are ISO 50001 certified, the reference certification for energy management. We are committed to a circular economy approach and are already working on the environmental and societal issues of tomorrow.