The best of the egg

Innovating to eat better

Our mission? Inspiring you with the best of the egg, by offering an innovative, personalised response.

Confidence & reliabilitySafety and traceability

We have an internal microbiology lab to increase responsiveness and proximity to the product. Dedicated to quality control and to R&D application, it ensures compliance with food safety standards and the functionality of products, as well as compliance with specifications.

Our Certifications: Expert in the transformation of a product considered sensitive, Ovoteam is, according to the expectations of the markets and its clients, ISO 22000, Organic, and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified. All production runs are conducted under the HACCP system, ensuring better compliance with sanitary standards.

Mastery and innovationKnow-how and creativity

Innovation is at the heart of our approaches and our values. Our dual know-how in Agrifood Industries and Out of Home Food Service enable us to create real synergies between the two markets and to develop a high degree of technicality.

We anticipate and reveal the trends in order to provide you with an offering that combines pleasure and well-being. A trail-blazer in its field, our R&D team develops many products to order. We work in partnership with independent specialists, known for their culinary, nutritional, or process knowledge.

Pride & commitmentOne team, Men and Women

We are a team of men and women, passionate about our job and entirely dedicated to the egg, to every step in our supply chain, from the raising of our chickens, to the design and marketing of our products. We are committed to respecting people, animal welfare, and the environment. We are proud to be part of a better future by helping to create food that is more healthy and tasty, while taking care of our planet and its inhabitants.

Sublimating the egg

We are behind many innovations on the market, including, for example:


  • The first line of pasteurised liquid with a long use-by date
  • A unique chefs’ whites, a liquid egg white, known for its expansion and optimal hold, a go-to for the most demanding pastry chefs
  • Melt-in-the-mouth scrambled eggs
  • A traditional poached egg, to offer a “home-made” experience
  • The largest line of ovoproducts in Free Range and Organic.


Thus, we are working to sublimate the egg.

Our history, egg products experts since 1963

For over 50 years, we have been attentive to society and consumers so that each day means pleasure and discovery.


Launch of the fresh omelet with Boursin® cheese


Ovipac becomes Ovoteam


Our line of shelf-stable liquid eggs appears


The launch of the 1st shell-less pasteurised boiled egg is a success


We became the 1st French manufacturer specialising in the egg to be ISO 22000 certified


Through the acquisition of France Ponte-Inovo we gained the know-how to produce omelets, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs. Creation of Blanc des chefs (Chefs’ egg whites), a liquid egg white offering optimal expansion and hold.


Our company, Ovoteam, is founded


We launched the 1st line of pasteurised liquid egg products, with a long shelf life.


The 1st ISO 9002 certification in the industry is granted to our Ambrières site.


Creation of the Ovipac brand. The Ovipac peeled hard-boiled egg is a major innovation on the French market.


We begin the 3 Vallées egg products business in Ambrières-les-Vallées (53), selling to bakers and manufacturers.

In a flash

  • Contributing to the development of 400 farmers
  • 900 million eggs transformed annually
  • 8 million laying hens in the supply chain


  • 4 production sites, all in France
  • 300 employees
  • 1st French manufacturer specialising in the egg to be ISO 22000 certified

The egg, the protein of the future

Eggs are the health food of health foods. We sublimate them through the use of high-performance technologies that retain all of their functional and biological qualities: thus, their flavour is fully preserved.


The nutritional contributions of the egg remain unparalleled! Vitamins A, B12, D, and E, folic acid, amino acids, zinc, and phosphorus, associated with its protein quality (93.7%) make it a dietary essential and a real health asset.


Our egg products preserve the natural nutritional qualities of the egg, while enabling you to vary your menus on a daily basis: hard-boiled egg, poached, in the shell or scrambled, omelets to be filled... for the great delight of your guests and clients!