Agrifood Industry Professional

Our solutions dedicated to the Agrifood industry

The most complete range on the market of egg solutions adapted to the most demanding manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of liquid or dehydrated ovoproducts, acting as nutritional or functional ingredients in many preparations.

Functionality, Nutrition, Taste, Creativity, and Practicality

By putting all of our know-how and expertise to work for you, we really work in partnership with you to develop the best product solution, always ensuring food safety, organoleptic and technical qualities, and accounting for your production constraints. Liquid eggs, powdered eggs, savoury mixes... Check out your dedicated solutions.

Liquid egg solutions

For developing sweet, savoury, or plain recipes.

Whole egg, egg yoke, or egg white

Incorporation of salt, sugar, flavours, etc.

Packaging adapted to your use (10kg bag, 1000kg pouch, 1000kg aseptic container)

Pasteurised liquid egg whites without foaming additives

Without foaming additives, our egg white is suitable for the most specialised applications: meringues, macarons, chocolate mousse, etc.


Recognised by many manufacturing users, the use-by dates (excluding appellation derived from fresh eggs) are 49 days for 10kg bags and 25 days for 1000kg aseptic pouches.


Egg yolk ambient and long shelf life

Sweet or savoury, with a use-by date 6 months out, the shelf-stable egg yoke responds to specific applications and storage constraints.

Powdered egg solutions

A powdered egg white range with diverse features (foaming, gelling, standard)

Mixing shop for dry mixes that guarantee you: practicality, safety, speed, and traceability.

Cooked egg solutions

Ready-to-use products adapted to new consumption times.

Hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, plain or filled omelets, scrambled eggs