Fresh omelette free range broccoli, blue, walnuts, spinach sprouts

8 people
20 minutes


  • 1 Ovoteam Nature Omelette Tray

  • 1 piece of broccoli

  • 200 g of fourme

  • 100 g of walnuts

  • 100 g of spinach shoots

  • Olive oil

  • Flower of salt

  • Espelette pepper


  1. Peel and prune diced broccoli, whiten lightly.

  2. Blanch the fl owers, season with olive oil, fleur de sel, espelette pepper

  3. Toast the nuts, carve the blue cube.

  4. Heat omelets 1 minute 40 to microwave power 500W.

  5. Garnish with cubes of broccoli and half of the dice of blue.

  6. On omelette, add broccoli fl owers, walnuts, remaining blue and spinach sprouts

Ovoteam expertise

Chef touch

Vary the pleasures according to your desires by replacing the fresh omelette with Boursin® omelette. Adapt the vegetable used by seasonal vegetables.


In this recipe, there’s only good stuff: eggs, a source of protein, iron, iodine, vitamins A, E, D and the B group. Then nuts, rich in Omega 3. A little olive oil rich in Omega 9 and spinach shoots rich in beta-carotene.

Sustainable development

Ovoteam Omelettes trays are recyclable.

Omelets plain