Nowadays, your customers’ consumption patterns are evolving and changing. This now requires you to adapt your catering offer with mobile solutions via takeaway sales.

In fact, there is not just one takeaway sale but MANY takeaway sales!

Imagine all those moments in life when the Takeaway sale becomes THE practical, simple and tasty way to eat: a snack on public transport, a quick lunch at the office, the children’s snack when picking them up at school, an aperitif with friends after a busy day, etc.

Your creativity remains an asset for your current and future clients. The same applies to the egg!

Ovoteam offers you the widest range of Free Range and Organic products on the market for cooking, combining and enhancing eggs.

Ovoteam will sweep you up with its inventiveness and innovation, and will accompany you with its 11 egg-cellent tips for a successful takeaway sale.

Discover a Takeaway sale that works in this catalogue to be downloaded and kept in your business area.

Download the guide

Guide Vente à emporter OVOTEAM.pdf


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