Cheese omelette

Designed to open in two, Ovoteam omelettes allow you to give free rein to your creativity, to decorate them according to the season and time of consumption.  

Product features

  • Golden on the outside, soft on the inside 
    Folded in half: ready to fill 
    Complies with GEMRCN recommendations 
    Cooking and reheating without adding fat 
    Ready to use 
    Also available in herb, cheese or Boursin flavours 
    Also available as organic, free-range and bleu-blanc-cœur 
    Recyclable tray 


  • Oven
  • Microwave


Valeurs nutritionnelles (moyenne pour 100g)
Nutritional values
601 KJ / 144 KCAL
Of which saturates
9,2 g
3 g
Including sugars
4,3 g
2,2 g
11 g
0,88 g


10322 Barquette de 8 omelettes de 60g
10325 Barquette de 6 omelettes de 70g
10329 Barquette de 8 omelettes de 70g
10332 Barquette de 12 omelettes de 90g
10334 Barquette de 6 omelettes de 90g
10340 Barquette de 8 omelettes de 90g
10347 Barquette de 10 omelettes de 90g
10302 Barquette de 1 omelette de 135g
10308 Barquette de 4 omelettes de 135g
10316 Barquette de 8 omelettes de 135g

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