Oeufs entier liquide - Ovoteam

Liquid whole eggs Plein Air BBC

A variety of packagings tailored to your applications (1, 2 or 5-kg cans). Pasteurisation carried out inside the package, ensuring additional protection from listeria and salmonella. Preservation of the culinary properties of eggs. Consistent, regular quality.

Product features

  • Anti-waste: screw cap
    Simple and easy dosing with graduations
    on the can.
    Optimal safety: pasteurisation in the packaging
    Ready and easy to use
    1-kg whole = 22 eggs (medium size).
    Available as standard, organic, bleu-blanc-cœur and CEE2
    Recyclable can


CEE2 certified products are eligible and can be included in the 50% of quality and sustainable products required under the Egalim law. Our CEE2 certified products are made from free range eggs. The hens are fed a diet enriched with omega 3, which offers improved nutritional qualities.


Valeurs nutritionnelles (moyennes pour 100g)
Nutritional values
589 KJ / 140 KCAL
Of which saturates
9,8 g
2,6 g
Including sugars
0,3 g
0,3 g
12,7 g
Dry matter

23 +/- 1%


10154 Bidon de 1 KG
10155 Bidon de 2 KG
10156 Bidon de 5 KG

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